'Is America edging closer toward Orwellian Newspeak?'

'Is America edging closer toward Orwellian 'Newspeak'?' That's the headline of a newspaper Op-Ed by a native of Singapore -- a graduate student in the University of Iowa's writing program. She sees parallels between Singapore's restrictions on free speech and the onerous inhibitions on speech, in Iowa City, imposed by political correctness. Amanda Lee Koe suggests in the Iowa City Press-Citizen that the authoritarian city-state of Singapore is more livable in some ways than the city where she's studying. Political correctness, she explains, was behind a name change at Iowa City's senior center. Once known as the "Iowa City/Johnson County Senior Center," it's now simply known as "The Center." How to explain this? "PC and all, y'know," a friend tells her. Days later, she talks with a political science professor who recently returned from Singapore, where he'd taught for three months. She relates: I asked him how he found it there and...(Read Full Post)