How about a poll about red state Democrats?

Our mindless game of polls is on full display again - a poll for this and a poll for that. The big poll today is that everybody hates Washington but they hate the GOP more. So what does it that mean?  Nothing! It means nothing because most House GOP members will be reelected in 2014 and President Obama is not running for anything.  Who cares what they think of Speaker Boehner or Rep Pelosi?  They are safe.   But the story that no one is writing. or taking polls about, is red state Democrats.  They are the ones who will actually be asking voters to reelect them. They will have to explain their votes for ObamaCare! Where are all of these red state Democrats?  What Sunday shows are they doing this week? Which one is defending ObamaCare along with Senator Reid or Senator Schumer?   Which one is scheduling President Obama for a trip promothing ObamaCare? They are not on TV defending their vote for...(Read Full Post)