House GOP should prepare for a long seige

If you were to get all your news from mainstream media, there would be no doubt in your mind who was at fault in the government shutdown mess. Most in the media - and, not coincidentally, the president - sound more like far left wing bloggers than journalists or the president of the United States. Referring to Republicans as "hostage takers," "terrorists," "suicide bombers" - that's the kind of stuff you see on Kos or some other lefty blog. The only reason it matters is that voters are already buying into the narrative set by Democrats; Tea Party "extremists" have hijacked the GOP and are holding a gun to the head of the American people by insisting that Obamacare be modified or defunded. The White House says they won't negotiate and Harry Reid is following suit in the Senate. But Obama has already altered Obamacare 19 times in implementing it. This, without consent of Congress. Why should the president be the only one who gets to alter a bad law? Why should individual Americans not...(Read Full Post)