Hollywood Trying to Buy it for Booker

See also: Cory's Booker of Lies Our Tea Party real nowhere man for U.S. Senate, Steve Lonegan, has suddenly become a force to reckon with; remarkably surging from 35 points behind Obama clone Cory Booker to only 3. To stop the bleeding, Hollywood (Oprah, Ben Affleck and several others) has funded a $337,000 smear campaign against Lonegan. We can not allow Hollywood to buy this seat for hardcore liberal Booker and the Democrats. Unquestionably, the once-cocky Booker camp of deep-pocket Hollywood heavyweights have become a bite anxious, stunned by Lonegan's surge. They realize that the wake of a Lonegan victory over Booker in New Jersey will cause a tsunami impacting the national political landscape. Aside from contributing to a Republican majority in the Senate after the 2014 elections, a Lonegan victory means that when conservatism is confidently articulated it resonates with voters. Folks, I am talkin' Obama's worst nightmare. Democrat pundits and their co-conspirators in...(Read Full Post)