Hollywood Trying to Buy it for Booker

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Our Tea Party real nowhere man for U.S. Senate, Steve Lonegan, has suddenly become a force to reckon with; remarkably surging from 35 points behind Obama clone Cory Booker to only 3.

To stop the bleeding, Hollywood (Oprah, Ben Affleck and several others) has funded a $337,000 smear campaign against Lonegan. We can not allow Hollywood to buy this seat for hardcore liberal Booker and the Democrats.

Unquestionably, the once-cocky Booker camp of deep-pocket Hollywood heavyweights have become a bite anxious, stunned by Lonegan's surge. They realize that the wake of a Lonegan victory over Booker in New Jersey will cause a tsunami impacting the national political landscape.

Aside from contributing to a Republican majority in the Senate after the 2014 elections, a Lonegan victory means that when conservatism is confidently articulated it resonates with voters. Folks, I am talkin' Obama's worst nightmare.

Democrat pundits and their co-conspirators in the media pound us daily with the false narrative that a majority of Americans have embraced their liberal agenda. Conservatives are portrayed as the odd man out. Lonegan boldly proclaims the contrary, stating that the vast majority of Americans are conservative.

Some say the Democrat/liberal media tag team is too powerful and well-funded. My reply is I love my country far too much to roll over and surrender. Lonegan's amazing surge confirms that anything is possible when We The People are fully engaged.

Dr Wayne Dyer said something years ago which has stuck with me. I paraphrase, "No one can predict the future or knows enough to be a pessimist." I can truly testify to the validity of this truth.

Countless times when it appeared that all was lost, God intervened. An unanticipated solution, off my radar, a change of events appeared out of nowhere, to save the day. Life experiences have taught me to focus my energy on doing everything I can do; rooted in righteousness, truth and love. Then, I trust a higher power to produce the proper outcome.

I Googled, "American battles won against all odds."

Wow! Throughout our history there have been numerous key moments in which Americans were called upon to take a stand against all odds; miraculously stealing victory from the jaws of defeat.

Brother and sister patriots, the battle to defund Obamacare and rein in politically selfish, irresponsible and out-of-control deficit spending is one such moment. At stake is the future of our children.

Democrat Senate majority leader, Harry Reid's rejection of a bill funding kids with cancer reveals that no price is too high to protect Obama's signature achievement Obamacare which ushers in the end of America as founded.

Republicans must stand strong against such evil. We must send rock-solid conservative Steve Lonegan to DC to strengthen our ranks.

Tea Party, please, please, please do not allow Hollywood to buy this race for Booker.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American; Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/; LloydMarcus.com