Hillary disses Biden in speech

Hard though it may be to take seriously Joe Biden running for president, evidently Hillary Clinton thinks it important to dump on him. In a speech to convenience store owners (the sort of speech that yields a six figure fee), Hillary stuck the stiletto into Joe's back and twisted it. Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: ... state Rep. Tom Taylor, R-Dunwoody, said the former first lady dropped a huge hint. "I know she's running for president now, because toward the end, she was asked about the Osama bin Laden raid. She took 25 minutes to answer," Taylor said. "Without turning the knife too deeply, she put it to [Vice President Joe] Biden." Time and time again, Taylor said, Clinton mentioned the vice president's opposition to the raid, while characterizing herself and Leon Panetta, then director of the Central Intelligence Agency, as the action's most fierce advocates. About 3,000 to 4,000 convention-goers packed the Thomas Murphy Ballroom in the Georgia World...(Read Full Post)