HHS Secretary Sebelius needs an intervention

Time to question the mental health and stability of our Secretary of Health and Human Services. Kathleen Sebelius penned a beautiful op-ed in USA Today. Unfortunately, her analysis of how well the Healthcare.gov site is working is such a startling break from reality that it is clear she needs some kind of mental health intervention. I mean, like, attendants in white coats with a straitjacket type of intervention. When the Health Insurance Marketplace opened last week, demand was so high, it exceeded even optimists' expectations. On the first day alone, HealthCare.gov had nearly eight times more concurrent users than Medicare's site (one of the federal government's most highly trafficked) during open enrollment peak levels. Um...no. In the immortal words of Defense Secretary Albert Nimzicki in the film Independence Day, "That's not entirely accurate." Government officials blame the persistent glitches on an overwhelming crush of users - 8.6 million unique visitors by...(Read Full Post)