Healthcare Chiefs' Answer to Suffering Americans: Let Them Eat Cake

It is not enough that a gang of collectivists pried our mouths open in 2010 and poured their Obamacare slop down our throats, now we must be subjected to the Queen Advocate of Partial Birth Abortions attempting to convince us everything will be all right in the end.  Testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Committee about the botched rollout, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius issued a fake apology and clownish request that we hold her accountable for the $600 million IT mess. Sebelius also urged the millions of citizens suddenly finding themselves without health insurance policies they liked and could afford, to just "go shopping" on the exchanges. The online system where consumers can shop around actually crashed while Sebelius was advising the masses. Then, when committee members relayed personal stories from tearful and confused constituents who had received cancellation...(Read Full Post)