For Political Impact Only

Where is that newly defined, ever expanding Executive Power now? Where are the Executive Orders to keep the parks and children medical assistance programs in operation? The nameless bureaucrats that make anonymous decisions affecting our lives decided that open air walk through malls must now be enclosed and sealed.  It takes more money and effort to close an open park or mall than to leave it open.  I guess we shouldn't be surprised.  The optics of the yellow tape around the WWII memorial screams "the Republicans did this" first.  Then the analysis turns to the idiocy of the exercise and the bogus intent. For the current administration that lives by the credo "crisis is opportunity", the next step has seemingly been taken.  If "crisis is opportunity", then creating "crisis" creates "opportunity".  Forgotten is the damage from the crisis.  The intrinsic nature of the Progressive Left seems to be  "let it burn if we can sculpt the...(Read Full Post)