Focus shifts to Senate plan for budget, debt deal

Republicans in the Senate appear to be backing a plan proposed by moderate Senator Susan Collins of Maine that would re-open the government, raise the debt ceiling, and repeal the medical device tax in Obamacare. The Senate is taking the lead in negotiations with the Democrats because House Speaker Boehner has been unable to unify his caucus and get them to back any one specific plan. Wall Street Journal: The White House rejected a core part of a proposal from House Republican leaders that would extend the nation's borrowing authority for six weeks if the president committed to deficit-reduction negotiations. Instead, Mr. Obama signaled that he wants a deal that raises the debt ceiling for a longer period and creates a longer-term forum for budget talks. A proposal crafted by Senate Republicans, which has drawn interest from some Democrats, emerged as the likelier avenue for reaching an agreement. It included a longer extension of borrowing authority-through January-and...(Read Full Post)