Feds' punitive shutdown in Western parks

The Feds are not only closing the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, 1.2 million acres are being systematical depopulated. I am at ground zero, the Lake Powell resort at  the Wahweap Marina, five miles from the massive Glen Canyon dam. Yesterday the Feds told the resort operator Aramark to clear all guests from this resort by Thursday at 11:00 a.m. I have talked to some resort staffers and some National Park Service folks about what the plans are for the next few weeks of closure. All off the comments are strictly off record, since everyone is pretty jumpy about all this controlled chaos. There are heavily armed guards -- side arms plus visible rifles in the white NPS Suburbans -- manning the gate to the GCNRA. Usually there are smiling grandmotherly women who collect the $15 entrance fee. According to the locals, terrorists have noted that Glen Canyon dam is a high value target.  Obviously, its electrical transmission facilities are quite vulnerable. So a higher...(Read Full Post)