Favored Scapegoat

Many of us hit the streets in 2009 in protest because we could readily see that this president was leading the nation in the wrong direction: massive spending inevitably leading to increased taxation, financial mismanagement tanking the economy, enormous growth in government to the injury of liberty, exploding debt and deficits putting posterity in the crosshairs, centralization of power and the erosion of constitutional republic. Those protests created a Republican majority in the House, the only thread holding the country back from the brink and preventing complete collapse these last few years. Recently, more conservative Republicans decided to take a stand and fight to the finish, primarily over the criminal excesses and destructive power of ObamaCare, but also for the sake of economic health and national security overall. Like true statesmen akin to the Founders, they put everything on the line for the sake of country. In rational circles that's called "patriotism." From...(Read Full Post)