Dark Times

Dark times have fallen upon the republic. Bleak times when men must furtively glance back over their shoulders before speaking their minds in laconic candor. Evil times of midnight votes and treacherous mandates contrived in embittered back-chambered councils that forcibly pit men against their brethren. Yea, times that would constrain men to rigorously toil for their careless neighbor's behalf -- pallid men who dare to call the subtle wickedness of constitutional apostasy..... justice. And all the while, these black vassals of unapologetic coercion reserve for their own the lion's portion: having waxed too vainglorious and haughty to themselves live under the edicts they smugly draw down for their hirelings. Dark days, indeed -- for the Owl of Minerva has returned empty of wisdom, and she discerns only the bleating of sheep echoing along the wires: their fawning enthusiasm assenting to whatever capriciousness the Black Rogue has reserved up his sleeve. In milder days, before the eye...(Read Full Post)