Bernardine Dohrn claims Ann Coulter 'committed violence'

Bill Ayers, admitted terrorist and the man who launched Barack Obama's political career with a fundraiser in his house, is peddling a book, and speaking in public, sometimes accompanied by his wife, fellow Weatherman terrorist Bernardine Dohrn. Speaking last week at Northwestern University, Dohrn made an astonishing claim in the course of justifying her own position as a law professor at Northwestern. Charles Rollet, a senior at that prestigious university attended and offers this account: Speaking next to her husband, Dohrn addressed the paradox of having once been on the run from the law and her current position as a law professor by saying that "the academy is filled with people who've committed violence." As examples, she cited Ann Coulter and generals who "tortured at Abu Ghraib" getting invited to speak at colleges across the country. "The academy does not have clean hands, let's just agree," said Dohrn. I am not aware of Ann Coulter ever committing violence, and...(Read Full Post)