Achieving Desolation

Dr. D. James Kennedy: "Four thousand die daily and 300,000 pulpits are silent." American society has deteriorated spectacularly in the last 60 years, almost to the point where conscience is dead. Cruel talk drives horrific physical violence: out-of-control people of all ages causing mayhem. We have cheapened one another, and life itself. I was born in the early 50s. I know what decency, kindness, and goodness look like. They are rarely seen anymore. Institutions that once promoted virtue no peddle demoralization. Generalized meanness and debauchery mark our age. Mock Norman Rockwell all you like, he nonetheless captures what de Tocqueville described in the 1830s traveling throughout our young nation. He said America was great because her people were good, and her people were good because of leather-lunged preachers fearlessly proclaimed God's love, judgment, and wisdom. The Judeo-Christian Scripture teaches that the beginning of wisdom, only the beginning, is the fear of the Lord:...(Read Full Post)