A One-Two Punch for the Self-Employed Baby-Boomer

I got my letter yesterday.  I was self-employed for my business career.  No retirement after 20 years and no pension.  I was required to save for my retirement and rely on the expected historical yields that I have come to expect from my 60 years. The major insurance company with which I have had my family health insurance for over 20 years said they are no longer offering the policy under which I am covered.  It was a high deductible.  In other words, I paid nearly all of my bills out of pocket.  Didn't particularly like it, but settled for it.  Now it is gone. Ben Bernanke has removed any fair return on my savings.  He has done all he can to keep rates at zero and push inflation to 2%.  Over a five-year period, this in none other than a net accumulated tax of 10% on savers. I have two major costs: health insurance and real estate taxes.  Despite my house falling in value, the real estate tax burden has been steady to higher...(Read Full Post)