Immigration protest a slap in the face to Hispanic veterans

According to news reports, they expected 100,000, accommodated for 35,000 but less than half of that showed up.  Another march without marchers, a.k.a. the story of the immigration movement these days.  When is this movement going to realize that they need new leaders, or people who understand how to speak to a nation in the middle of a huge recession? You can't demand "legalization" for 10 milion people when there are millions of US citizens and legal residents who can't find work. Have any of these immigration leaders walked down the streets of Hispanic districts in the US?  Are they so caught up in the ideology of amnesty that they don't see that the community lacks jobs and economic development?  What planet are these people living in? As we know now, the gates were closed to many veterans but opened for an immigration march.  Are you kidding me?  Who made this decision?  He or she should be fired. ...(Read Full Post)