90 year old veterans storm the Barrycades

The large World War ll Memorial on Washington's National Mall is a series of outdoor groupings; not encased in a building, it is open in all kinds of weather 24/7/365 for the many tourists, especially the remaining veterans of that devastating war which ended nearly 70 years ago.  The Mall itself has police and some other security, both visible and disguised, but at the beginning of the government shut down the President of the United States, Barack Obama (D), whose own grandfather fought in World War ll, ordered Barrycades and guards around the Memorial, forbidding access.  Indeed, there were more guards protecting the Memorial from the aged--and apparently extremely dangerous--veterans than protecting Americans at the presumed peaceful American compound in Benghazi, Libya according to a report in the Washington Examiner.  At the World War II Memorial on The Mall in Washington, where veterans have been staging protests to keep it open, Washington Examiner's...(Read Full Post)