Why Government Should Be the Last Resort

In the minds of liberals, the government should be given all power and responsibility, from protecting the country to deciding how big a soda we can buy. They argue that only government has the wisdom, compassion, and intelligence to successfully herd the religion- and gun-clinging unwashed masses in flyover country through their lives. But as anyone who has had to actually work with the government knows, the reality is that in spite of good intentions by many government workers, there is nothing less customer-friendly than the government at any level. In California, when filing one's tax returns, one gets to enter all the items purchased on the internet for which one didn't already pay sales tax. That's right: not only do Californians have to keep detailed records of all purchases and be able to identify which ones were done over the internet, but they also have to know if the company charged them sales tax, and how much, for every purchase they made. Given that Californians are...(Read Full Post)