Who decides not to enforce Federal Law?

In the history of our nation this occurrence seemed exclusive to the healthy friction between Federal and State laws per the supremacy clause and the 14th amendment.  States might have contested a Federal Law which they deemed harmful to their citizenry. Yet in today's world, we are getting the reverse.  States such as Arizona wish the federal government to enforce the immigration laws that are on the federal books and the federal government seems disinterested and lax.  It is as if they are opting not to enforce federal law.  Immigration officers are told to "stand down".  Sanctuary cities are encouraged do disregard federal law by the likes of Nancy Pelosi and that while serving as Speaker of the House.  This is essentially the "third in line" for the Presidency telling people to disregard the law. Now we learn the federal government chooses not to contest the State laws that allow marijuana usage. Personally, I don't care either way. But...(Read Full Post)