Where is the coalition?

Syria is a perfect case for multinational outrage and action.   First, you have innocent people killed by chemical gas.  Second, it would give the UN an opportunity to enforce UN resolutions, "norms", "international law" or the simple idea that chemical weapons are off limits.  Yet, the UN is tied up again and we can't blame it on Bush this time.  It makes you want to shut down the UN, cancel the diplomatic license plates and give everyone 90 days to pack up and go home.    Wouldn't the UN tower make a wonderful office building?   Why won't the international community stand up for common values, such as defending men, women and children killed by chemical weapons? First, there is no such thing as an international community.   There are countries, regional alliances but not really a world order.  Russia and China have different interests in Syria than we do, for...(Read Full Post)