What the Pope is Really Saying

HuffPo and other liberal publications can stop rejoicing. The Pope has not turned into a radical progressive. On the contrary, he is merely affirming what every pope before him has said. The Holy Father is merely making the proper distinction between the pastoral role of the church and the church as the Christian counterculture confronting the evils of society. He is advising the faithful not to forget the two aims of the Church, one of which is loving evangelization and discipleship; the other of which is firm confrontation of the distorted standards of the world. The pastoral role of the Church is basically as follows: All sinners -- that's all of us -- are invited to accept the forgiveness of God freely offered through the gospel of grace. Each is invited to travel on the Christian journey of sanctification, seeking every day to become more like Jesus Christ. The countercultural role of the Church means that at the same time the Church has a pastoral and evangelistic ministry...(Read Full Post)