Too Close for Comfort

This personality assessment was written by a noted historian about a major world leader.  ...gifted, with a quick understanding, sometimes brilliant, with a taste for the modern,-technology, industry, science-but at the same time superficial, hasty, restless, unable to relax, without any deeper level of seriousness, without any desire for hard work or drive to see things through to the end, without any sense of sobriety, for balance and boundaries, or even for reality and real problems, uncontrollable and scarcely capable of learning from experience, desperate for applause and success,...romantic, sentimental and theatrical, unsure and arrogant, with an immeasurably exaggerated self-confidence and desire to show off, That sounds rather familiar.  Who do you suppose he was writing about?  It is German Historian Thomas Nipperdey's assessment of Kaiser Wilhelm, II in his 1992 work  Rereading German History: From Unification to Reunification, 1800-1996,  It...(Read Full Post)