The P-Word

According to left-wing media and academic types the original sin of Anglo/French colonialism is responsible for all the trouble in the Middle East. Had the French not created the majority Christian (at the time) state of Lebanon, and the British the Jewish state of Israel, there would be a single secular modern Arab state from Baghdad to Marrakesh. If you believe that, I have a slightly used suspension bridge connecting San Francisco with Marin County to sell you. In reality the Arab world is composed of a bewildering array of sects and tribes, none of whom like each other. Multi-ethnic, pluralistic, societies have a dismal record of failure in this part of the world. The best solution for the current Syrian impasse would be to partition Syria into separate states which would allow the different sides to live under laws and governments of their own choosing; a large Sunni Arab state controlling the vast majority of Syria, with small Alawite, Druze, and Kurdish states controlling the...(Read Full Post)