Syria: A Crisis That Can't Go to Waste?

Some of us may hope to be forgiven a somewhat jaundiced attitude toward the moral suasion coming forth from the White House concerning a possible strike on Syria.  The president is not convincing. It is hard to believe that for this administration, the Syrian civil war poses an exquisite moral dilemma that has kept the president up at night, sleep-walking like Lady Macbeth trying to wash her hands of blood.  It's true this administration's words and actions evoke déjà vu -- have we been there and done that?  The confusion, excuse making, angst and vacillation seem a satirical parody of the Bush presidency's call for moral outrage over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. But history never repeats with exactitude.  Reasons for war are never the same, regardless of apparent similitude.  No, the Syrian crisis is not an exact repeat of the Iraq War. On the contrary, Syria's agony has presented the president and his allies with a delicious political...(Read Full Post)