Slowing the Biden juggernaut

It's the most depressing poll of the month: believe it or not, in a Rasmussen Reports poll of 1000 likely voters, Joe Biden handily beats almost every potential GOP candidate for president in 2016 except one.  Andrew Malcolm of IBD delivers the bad news with his customary wit: Vice President Joe "I Say I'm from Scranton Because Pennsylvania Has More Electoral Votes Than Delaware" Biden currently defeats just about every conceivable Republican contender. At least the folks from within that stale Washington GOP crowd. Great news for America's late-night comics. Biden's hair plugs trump Rand Paul's curls, 44%-36%. Biden beats Marco Rubio, 44%-34%. And at the moment he even tops conservative darling Ted Cruz, 43%-32%. It gets worse, if you are a conservative: You'll never guess the lone Republican who defeats Biden, according to this Rasmussen survey. Well, maybe you would. It's Chris Christie, the shrinking New Jersey governor who was Obama's best bro' during last year's...(Read Full Post)