Shutout in Nairobi

As the fog of combat dissipates from around the Westgate Mall attack, it has become apparent that this is yet another case where the authorities fell apart in the face of the terrorist challenge while alert citizens and tourists saved what there was to be saved. Despite the impressive appearance of Kenyan army troops and special forces in the their combat gear and shiny AKMs, their actual performance was appalling. According to the Telegraph, despite up to a year's warning that an attack was being planned, no effort was made to work out a plan of defense, establish coordination between units, or even arrange a minimal defense of the place. Kenyan forces arrived four hours after the attack began. Here's the Telegraph: No radio contacts were set up between the units. No overall command had been appointed, and different commanders squabbled. A senior policeman was shot dead in a friendly-fire incident. Chaotic gunfire streaked across the mall's open spaces. The military's first action...(Read Full Post)