Purdue University's 'Jewish Problem'

On September 27, 2013, Mr. Mark Bruzonsky gave a persentation at Purdue University Calumet about the Middle East.  According to Purdue University Calumet's own advertising, Mr. Bruzonsky is an "expert" who brings "keen" and "impressive insight" to the topic.  And Dr. Yahya. Kamalipour, a professor in the Communications department, was the conduit that brought him to campus (Purdue News) So what sort of "keen" and "impressive insight" does Mr. Bruzonsky bring to the topic of the Middle East? Mr. Bruzonsky argues that: The Jews control American foreign policy (see blog posted 9/6/2013). Jews/Israel control the media.  (see blogs posted 9/17/2013 and 9/19/2013). Jews have "dual loyalty" problems. (see blog posted 9/23/2013).  The Jews/Israel wants to force the U.S. to attack Iran.(see blog posted 9/22/2013). Zionism has "infiltrated" the U.S. (Zionist Infiltration) - like a plague or disease you know.   (Examples of all blogs referenced above can...(Read Full Post)