People Will Remember

Watching Ted Cruz's majestic, twenty-one hour speech in defense of defunding ObamaCare was thrilling. Observing all the small-minded critics on both sides of the aisle go after him as though he were a serial killer was so distressing. I am reminded of a fine film, made in 1941, titled People Will Talk. In the film, a horrible little man, played by Hume Cronyn (looking eerily like Harry Reid), strives to bring down a fine man, a doctor (Cary Grant). The man tries every dirty trick in the book and fails. But just before the end, the doctor's friend, Shunderson, played by Finlay Currie, says the following (written by Joseph Mankiewicz): "You're a little man. It's not that you're short, you're little in the mind and in the heart. Tonight you tried to make a man little whose boots you couldn't touch if you stood on the highest mountain in the world. And as it turned out, you're even littler than you were before." Reading and listening to all the vicious personal attacks directed at...(Read Full Post)