Obama: An American Chamberlain

President Barack Obama has just experienced his "Mush From the Wimp" moment. That infamous March, 1980, Boston Globe headline signaled the imminent political demise of Democratic President Jimmy Carter. It followed upon the equally infamous Killer Rabbit episode and came in the midst of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, the birth of ABC's NIghtline program and at the mid-point of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy's primary challenge to a sitting Democrat president. As Mr. Carter found, when your own media symcophants and political allies are mocking you, you're not in a good place. So, now, with the Archangel Barack. What has precipitated this perfect storm is, of course, the President's Syrian debacle of last week and, even more to the point, the US-Russia deal announced on Saturday. Mr. Obama has been neutered. This is dangerous. Accepting Secretary of State John Kerry's resignation "to spend more time with Teresa" (whom God heal and bless) wouldn't fix it, either. After the...(Read Full Post)