No Benghazigate Answers Here

One would think that a book that claims to tell "The Untold "Story of the Attack in Benghazi" would factually tell that story.  Well, as is often said, "One would be wrong." The book reads like a novel, and that may be because the authors, Fred Burton and Samuel M. Katz, in fact, admit (p. 117) that much of it is fiction: Those radio transmissions would likely have gone along those lines based on our understanding of events as they unfolded.  This is a summation of the communications and vernacular as per the events and as per security considerations.  The same applies to communications appearing hereafter in the text. In other words, the authors are saying: "What you are reading is fake but true." The authors should also have said that that disclaimer similarly applies to much of the action, details, and conversations that they recount in their chronicle of the events before, during, and after that horrible night. The most egregious example of the book's...(Read Full Post)