'Little Miss Hispanic' from DE loses title: Not 'Hispanic' enough

Oh dear.  Heads are exploding at the Political Correctness lobby today as the winner of the Little Miss Hispanic contest from Delaware has been stripped of her crown. You see, it's like this. The little girl is black and "not Hispanic enough" according to contest organizers. In fact, she may not be "Hispanic" at all. "There is just like a baseline of disrespect to black women," Daniel Jose Older, who started a Change.org petition, told the newspaper. "As Latinos, it's really important that we understand what's going on with us and that we reclaim this girl as our sister. Pageant organizers require contestants to be at least 25 percent Hispanic. Maria Perez, president of Nuestras Raices (Our Roots), who operates the Miss Chiquita Delaware pageant, says the verification that the child brought did "not specify she was 25 percent Hispanic or Hispanic at all." She was still allowed to participate in the pageant, but parents of at least two other participants said they heard...(Read Full Post)