Kerry Threatens Assad with 'Nanoassault'

Perhaps John Kerry reads American Thinker and got the idea from me?  The problem for Kerry, though, is that my "nanoassault rifle" piece which poked a little fun at the Left on the issue of gun control was pure satire.  If this wasn't some sort of attempt at humor on the part of Kerry, things are much worse than they appear. From Breitbart: Kerry: "We will be able to hold Bashar al-Assad accountable without engaging in troops on the ground or any other prolonged kind of effort in a very limited, very targeted, short-term effort that degrades his capacity to deliver chemical weapons without assuming responsibility for Syria's civil war. That is exactly what we are talking about doing - unbelievably small, limited kind of effort." If Kerry wants to borrow my "nanoassault rifle" he is more than welcome to it because if his goal is to truly do something so "unbelievably small," he might as well save the taxpayers as much expense as possible.  And the net effect...(Read Full Post)