Just Another Case of Workplace Violence

If you can believe it, the sycophantic, lickspittle New York Times has actually published a video that could be quite harmful to Obama's efforts to garner support for a strike on Syria.  This video shows a group of Obama's freedom-fighters committing what any prosecutor in the world would charge as murder in the first degree and what would be tried by any world court as a war crime.  In the video, a Syrian rebel commander stands before a group of kneeling prisoners with faces in the dirt and delivers a revolutionary diatribe before turning and shooting the nearest prisoner in the head.  His shot triggers the rest of the waiting killers, who, standing behind the victims, open fire and complete the killing.  The bodies are then shown being thrown into a hole in the ground, which will serve as their mass grave. The immediate question that comes to mind is, "If these are our allies, how much more viciously despicable could their enemies possibly be?"  The second...(Read Full Post)