John Kerry's 'Love Letter' to France

Secretary of State John Kerry is sucking up to the French, trying to bolster the government of Francois Hollande and keep them in his tiny "Coalition of the Not Very Willing" countries who will back the US in an attack on Syria. To prove the point, Kerry spoke in French at a joint press avail with Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, delighting the puriists in France while giving Kerry the opportunity to show a little flattery to his erstwhile - and nervous - partner in attacking Assad. Reuters: French, it is said, is the language of love. An IFOP poll published on Saturday showed 68 percent of French were against an intervention in Syria. While Kerry's performance might be seen as flattering a French government that is one of the few to back U.S. President Barack Obama's call for air strikes to deter Syria from using chemical arms, it may help convince a skeptical French public. Not to be outdone, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius broke a taboo by speaking in English at...(Read Full Post)