Is Ted Cruz the new Ronald Reagan?

That's the provocative thesis of Jeffrey Lord, writing at The American Spectator. He's the one we've been waiting for, to borrow an expression. Here is some of the case Lord makes: ...terrified Republicans have turned on Ted Cruz like they once went after... Ronald Reagan. Yes, Ronald Reagan. While no Republican Senator will ever breathe anything but the highest of laudatory tributes to Reagan these days, in fact once upon a time Reagan himself was treated in exactly the same way that Senator Cruz (not to mention Governor Palin) is treated today. Why? For doing exactly what Senator Cruz is doing today. Bluntly calling out the problems of the day and taking direct action to do something about them. This is a far cry from the Washington politics of going-along-to-get-along or as Reagan pointedly described it, the GOP Establishment's politics of the "fraternal order." Senator Cruz, to the visible fury of the Inside-the-Beltway, it's-all-about-the- tactics crowd, refuses to play The...(Read Full Post)