Following the Leaders: Black on White Violence Increasing?

Do you remember when the leader of the New Black Panthers publicly called for blacks to kill whites, and Eric Holder's DOJ did nothing? How about when Barack Obama advised his supporters to "get in their faces," "punish your enemies," and "if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun?" 

Now the most divisive president and attorney general in history are getting what they want. They've already accomplished redistributing the wealth, now it's time to redistribute the violence.

Hate crimes against "whitey" seem to be occurring on a daily basis.

Here are two more. 

Jeffrey Babbitt died on Monday. Last Wednesday the 62-year-old NYC retired train conductor had just finished visiting his favorite store in Union Square when a 31-year-old black man started shouting he hated white people. According to eyewitnesses LaShawn Marten, alias Lashawn Redrick, yelled "the next white person who walks by, I'm going to f...up."

Babbitt was the "next person." He was pronounced brain-dead after Marten punched him in the head causing him to fall. His skull hit the ground with such a force, one witness said she heard it crack.

Two days after the Babbitt attack, an unidentified black man riding through Harlem on the M60 bus called a white passenger a "cracker." He then punched the 31-year-old victim so hard he broke his nose and eye socket, according to police.

Despite eyewitness accounts of the perpetrators' shouting racial slurs right before the assaults, the mainstream media still couldn't bring itself to tell the truth.

CBS reported the Babbitt murder as a "possible hate crime." CBS went so far as to explain possible motives other than racism. Apparently, Marten was upset because no one would play chess with him.

The Washington Post headline read: "62-year-old NYC man punched in possible bias attack; upgraded charges possible." 

The New York Times added the word "random" in their lead: "Friends Mourn Man Fatally Assaulted in Possible Random Hate Crime." The NYT piece added the fact that Marten was homeless and suggested he may have been mentally ill. 

Too many angry black people apparently think they have a license to commit violence against whites, following the lead of arrogant leaders that flout the laws of the land.