Congress should debate and vote on Syria

Sorry but Congress has to do their work.  We need a full debate and a vote regarding military action in Syria. 

I agree with Representative Poe of Texas:

"Americans turned off their televisions Tuesday night more confused than ever. The American people do not know still don't know what our foreign policy is in the Middle East. While the president is waiting to make a decision, Congress should go ahead and vote on whether or not to take military action in Syria."

The vote will have several benefits:

1) It will force a debate of the issue.  Our legislators will be forced to make a case for or against the military action.   It will also force The White House to explain just how a "very small attack" will change anything in Syria.  

Maybe we can hear more about the Russian plan and how it will work, too!

2) It will show the world that we are not isolationists.  Some of us just don't like wars without a strategy or dropping cruise missiles on tents like we did in the 1990s.   Please don't call me an "isolationist" because I don't want to fly blind into a storm. 

3) Finally, this is what The Founding Fathers intended.   They wanted Congress to have these debates of war and peace.

So let's debate and vote.  Don't put this off.


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