Dispelling Some Popular Myths on CO2 Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set out on the next step to make certain coal never sees the light of day. Approximately 36 coal-fired power plants would be the immediate victims. Newspapers and liberal blogs are certain to applaud what the EPA is about to do and support that agency's claim it is all part of an effort to prevent Global Warming (AKA Climate Change). Many laymen will be willing to go with what they read, trusting that it is correct and unwilling (or unable) to check for accuracy or factual truth. In some ways this submission is preaching to the choir, but the following facts might be useful to the choir provided it is willing to sing its shocking lyrics to the environmentalists. For each of the past 64 years British Petroleum (BP) has produced an annual Statistical Review of World Energy. The review covers reserves, production, and consumption of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, hydroelectricity, and renewable energy and of CO2 emissions for every...(Read Full Post)