Arguments of Marriage Opponents Are Not What They Seem

Proponents of redefining marriage have again set their sights on the U.S. Supreme Court -- this time to force a new definition of marriage on every state in the country by 2015.  In case you haven't been keeping track, proponents have filed more than 20 different lawsuits challenging over a dozen states' marriage laws.  This is a bald attempt to leave the democratic process in the dust by those who wish to impose their novel definition of marriage on everyone -- much in the same way activists used Roe v. Wade to force abortion on our entire nation. But the problem for those behind this plan is that the state marriage laws they are challenging do not violate the Constitution.  Maintaining the gendered definition of marriage that these states have always known falls squarely into what both the Constitution and U.S. Supreme Court precedent approve. Some assume that the Supreme Court found a new right to same-sex marriage when it issued...(Read Full Post)