Women Speak For Themselves Rally

While a few hundred women of all ages attended the "Women Speak For Themselves" Rally at Lafayette Park across from the White House today, young women dominated the event. While there, I was reminded of the first Tax Day Tea Party Rally held at the exact same spot on April 15, 2009 -- essentially the historic day the Tea Party made itself known to the world. Standing there, I felt like I was witnessing another historic moment.   These women have a clear, personal message about religious freedom. They sense the growing, personal threat that a heavy-handed, too-intrusive government poses to their own lives. Listening to a series of rapid-fire testimonials, the common thread of their message to the government was this: Stop trying to engineer our lives through legislation and regulations. And most of all: Don't claim to speak for all women!     The speakers and attendees were on fire, and as everyone knows, fire's nature is to spread. This is pure grassroots, not...(Read Full Post)