Who's the oppressor now in Harlan County?

The First Lady's healthy food initiative recently ran into some blunt critics.   Students in a rural Kentucky county - and their parents - are the latest to join a growing national chorus of scorn for the healthy school lunches touted by first lady Michelle Obama. "They say it tastes like vomit," said Harlan County Public School board member Myra Mosley at a contentious board meeting last week, reports The Harlan Daily Enterprise. The comment thread for this story contains much liberal snark about the obese, ignorant and indifferent hicks of Harlan County and how they should be grateful for being taught a better way to eat.  I suspect few making suchcomments have ever been near this staunchly Democratic coal mining community in southeastern Kentucky with its three to one ratio of registered Democrats to Republicans.  Nor do they seem aware of the county's storied past.  Perhaps a resident needs to ask the snarky ones Which Side Are You On?,for these are...(Read Full Post)