Who is giving President Obama advice on Syria?

President Obama is now in the worst of all positions: 1) no popular support in the US; 2) no congressional resolution or debate to fall back on; and, 3) a little uncertainty about that coalition of allies. The Democrats and the left are learning that building coalitions was a lot easier in the campaign trail than in the real world. Here at home, the public is opposed to another Middle East war. My guess is that these polls reflect a president on "mute mode" about national security rather than the "war weary" conventional wisdom.  Does anyone recall a recent speech about our strategy in the Middle East?  He speaks about Treyvon Martin, distribution of wealth, birth control pills, student loans but not Afghanistan, the collapsing situation in Iraq, the mess in Egypt and now Syria.  The US public will never support a president who does not explain international threats.  We remind you that President Bush spoke to...(Read Full Post)