Which Way the Wind is Blowing

How goes it for the American experiment? Not so well if one measures by three feature stories from today's Wall Street Journal: "Tepid Growth Restrains Fed," then "Branches of Military Battle Over Shrinking War Chest" and "In Newtown, Gun Permits Surge After Shooting." In matters relating to the economy, national defense and civil society - arguably the three most important aspects of American life - the trends are not at all favorable. The first article describes how the recovery from the now four-year old recession continues to be the weakest in modern history. It illustrates how the Keynesian methods adopted by the Obama administration have ensured the ongoing stagnation. One wonders if Obama's minions understand this - i.e., are they doing it on purpose or are they just benignly misinformed? The second article highlights the dramatically reduced state of our military and how continuing reductions - under the sequester as well as due to other intended policies of the Obama...(Read Full Post)