When Government Acts Illegally

Today's lead editorial at The Wall Street Journal ("Congress's ObamaCare Exemption") is a breakthrough in the battle against big, corrupt government. Someone in the conservative media has finally summoned the strength to call government's illegal actions "illegal." As the editorial states: "This latest White House night at the improv is also illegal. OPM has no authority to pay for insurance plans that lack FEHBP contracts, nor does the Affordable Care Act permit either exchange contributions or a unilateral bump in congressional pay in return for less overall compensation. Those things require appropriations bills passed by Congress and signed by the President." Conservatives seem to have a mental block, some psychological abhorrence to using the "I" word whengovernment breaks the law, which it does every day and in many ways affecting millions of Americans. We hear about government "overreach" and "lawlessness." Conservatives will write that the Obama administration is...(Read Full Post)