WaPo picture tells the story its text won't touch

The Washington Post recently published a picture (in a piece titled "Mideast peace talks set to begin") that inadvertently exposes the real intentions of the Palestinians, as opposed to their ostensible willingness to negotiate with Israel.  The WaPo has repeatedly presented the Palestinians as interested in only the West Bank, Gaza, and east Jerusalem. For instance: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/wide-gaps-as-israelis-palestinians-return-to-negotiations-after-five-year-break/2013/07/30/34137fb2-f917-11e2-a954-358d90d5d72d_story.html Beginning of sixth paragraph:  "The Palestinians seek a state in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem..." http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/us-diplomat-reaching-an-israeli-palestinian-peace-deal-in-9-months-is-target-not-deadline/2013/07/31/5cd0fe20-f9fd-11e2-89f7-8599e3f77a67_story.html Beginning of fourth paragraph:  "The Palestinians want a state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem" ...(Read Full Post)