Too many dead journalists in Mexico

We just heard about Central American migrants killed in another train bound for the north.   At least, 5 are dead and 18 injured.  We hear about these tragedies because the dead are people trying to get into the US. We are not hearing much about the journalists being targeted south of the border.  I would like to hear from US and Western journalists, too. Let me thank The Dallas Morning News for bringing this to our attention: "A commendable new report by Mexico's National Human Rights Commission documents a horrific increase in the number of killings, disappearances and threats against journalists over the past 13 years. The mounting danger for Mexican journalists coincides with growing turf battles between that country's drug cartels as they jockey for control of major export routes."  The cartels have declared war on journalists, in much the same way that they've targeted policemen, public servants and...(Read Full Post)