The voting bloc that is the GOP's best opportunity

President Obama's party faces a strategic threat that should not be underestimated by the GOP. More than any other group, younger voters are turning away from Obama, and by extension from the Democratic Party which faces congressional elections next year. In the Guardian, Harry J. Enten writes: Little attention has been paid to which age groups Obama has been losing support from. Often, public polls have small sample sizes for subsamples, especially for young people, who are difficult to reach. The Gallup tracker(and yes, Gallup's overall Obama approval matches other public polls) allows a way around this problem. Since it polls every day, we can add multiple polls together to get a very good idea of how Obama is doing by age group. Obama's overall approval was 50.8% per Gallup in the month before election, but it has decreased by 5.1pt, to 45.7%, since July. The decline, it turns out, can mostly be ascribed to younger voters. Compared to his average approval a...(Read Full Post)