The Sinai becoming a terrorist hot spot

Ever since Hosni Mubarak was forced to resign from office, Egyptian security forces have been pulling out of the Sinai, despite the Camp David Accords requiring they police the region. The Sinai is a desolate place, mostly desert, and is populated by nomads. But it has now become a terrorist hot spot as extremists and criminals of all stripes have descended on the region, setting off a crime wave and terrorist attacks directed at the Egyptian government. Yesterday, 25 police were murdered execution style by terrorists. USA Today: The attack is among the deadliest in the peninsula since the 2011 overthrow of former president Hosni Mubarak and part of a larger backlash against the state over what militants view as a slew of injustices. "What I can say about the future is that violence will not disappear anytime soon," said Egypt expert Khalil Al-Anani. "We should expect a new cycle of violence - religious, political and social violence, and sectarian violence." Nearly 900...(Read Full Post)