Tales from Louisiana Bayou Country

The other day, I had the most surreal conversation with otherwise highly intelligent individuals (for this purpose, named Brenda and Sandra), who astonishingly proved they are propagandized, LIVs (low information voters).  Sadly, at the time, I was too weakened by a recent medical procedure and too stunned by their comments to mount an effective counteroffensive.  So, here I go. Item #1 (Brenda):  "I really like the preexisting provision of Obamacare."  I like that warm, fuzzy line, as well (Who doesn't?), given I, now, fall into that category.  However, just because that buzz phrase is used as a selling tool doesn't make it true.  The goal of Obamacare, of course, is to become a government, single payer system -- the worst of the worst, with total population control and tax dollars pouring into government coffers being paramount.  Nevertheless, buying medical insurance, in the interim, will be mandated (read:  forced) at excruciating cost...(Read Full Post)